US Exams

SSAT and SAT are essential for application to US secondary schools and universities. Our courses are tailor-made to each student's learning pace and ability depending on the exam schedule. 

English is usually the key focus of the course as it takes time to consolidate students in various aspects:

1) Reading: 

The reading section tests students on different text types. Students would find some of them particularly unfamiliar to them. Our SSAT/SAT course consists of a comprehensive training on reading and analytical skills. Intensive practice are personalized to target students' own weaknesses.

2) Vocabulary & Analogy

Vocabulary and analogy are always the toughest barrier of the exam as there is a list of 1000 vocabulary words to memorize. To secure the memory of the word bank and analogy types, students can have constant revision in the classroom and at home, supported by our unique computer learning programs and EOK-On-The-Go app respectively.

3) Grammar & Writing

Students are systematically trained on their awareness and understanding of advanced grammar topics. Emphasis of the course is also placed on the technical essay structure and time management skills which students usually weak in.

Intensive courses are now available for the exam preparation. If your children are sitting for this exam, please contact us to arrange a consultation session about the current standing of your children and the best-fit learning plan for them.



SAT / AP Subject Tests