About Us

We are an educational institution which provides a wide range of academic services to parents and students including consultation, full-time studies, after-school enrichment programs and university applications. Our target students are those studying in IGCSE, GCE and IB streams. With a full consultation about the students' long-term academic goals, we offer a solution plan to the parents about what learning path their children should engage in within the upcoming years in order to achieve their ultimate career goals. We follow up on our students with a personalized approach that takes individual learning ability, learning pace and psychological well-being into account. This unique service cannot be found in any other education centres where classes are arranged for short-term purposes only.

We strive for developing gifted students along their academic path towards their ultimate career goals. We believe that students should not be limited by the rigid school system. Rather, we tailor-make a learning plan for each student so that they can learn at their own optimal pace and make achievements years in advance. Our series of successes include:
  • An 8-year-old student started his gifted education at EOK Academy and received a special offer from the University of Hong Kong in four years of time
  • A Y12 HK student received offer from the University of Cambridge
  • A 13-year-old student completed both IGCSE and GCE qualifications within two years and received an entrance scholarship from Queen's University Belfast
  • A Y12 UK student received fast-track offer from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • And a number of students received offers and/or entrance scholarships from a wide range of prestigious institutions
With several global centres in Hong Kong and North America, and thousands of students worldwide - we're achieving these goals every day.