Intensive Learning during Holidays

Personalized Learning Plan

We are offering various intensive programs which suit the particular needs of different students.

A) UK Students
If you are studying IGCSE/GCE in the UK, we provide intensive training that aligns with your learning requirement at school. Our course also caters to different exam boards and targets on the corresponding exam questions and techniques. Holiday break is the time for you to strengthen your weaknesses and boost up your projected grade. 
B) Students applying for UK schools 
Are you planning to apply for the UK schools? IGCSE/GCE would be an essential qualification for successful admission. Understanding that you may not be familiar with these exams, we are happy to offer you a thorough consultation session, which consists of knowledge assessment, subject recommendation and personalized course planning, before you decide to sign up our programs. 

C) Students sitting for IGCSE/GCE in the upcoming term
Are you planning to take the exam this upcoming term? The exam is less than half a year away and you are strongly advised to make use of the full holiday break to strengthen your knowledge and skills. This is the only period that allows effective learning in block sessions before your exam. Registration for the exam is held in late June to early July and late December to early January every year. We provide students with assistance and recommendation throughout the application process.

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