EOK Newsletters

March 2018:October 2018:
Target Achievement Program (TAP):
A program that makes your academic dream come true

March 2018:
An EOK full-time student gets an unconditional offer from Oxford PPE:
The leading degree that nurtures global leaders

August 2017:
A recipient of the most prestigious offer from the special stream in Medicine at CUHK

September 2016:
Y9 student scores A*/A in IGCSE English and Math

August 2016:
Another Cambridge "undergraduate-to-be"

August 2016:
From an IB fifth grader to a GCE graduate:
An 8-year journey of growth and success at EOK

August 2015:
The youngest student to be admitted by HKU in its 100-year History!

August 2015:
Breaking the tradition route to Cambridge:
A life-changing story of a self-study learner

March 2015:
11 year old receives interview offers from universities

A life-changing learning path of an EOK full-time student

November 2014:
10 year old completes the university admission requirement

September 2014:
Learning outside the box: An EOK graduate's sharing

September 2014:
EOK's elite student enters the world class top-tier university

March 2014:

Attaining IGCSE & GCE qualifications in two years with EOK fast-track learning method

August 2013:
Fast-track towards university admission

August 2013:
8 year old gets perfect in GCE

August 2013:
A self-study candidate scores straight A* in IGCSE

August 2013:
Grade 11 gets 10 A & A* in IGCSE