SAT Courses

EOK provides students with comprehensive preparatory courses that equip them with the necessary skills to tackle the SAT exam. Preparing for the SAT is like studying for any exam. Studying in gradual amounts spread throughout the year will lead to the most successful anticipated results.

We have three different courses targeting the SAT exam:

1. Regular Course (6 months, 2 hours/week)
  • A detailed and step-by-step approach to preparing for the SAT.
  • Special emphasis on the following components:


Critical Reading

Grammar Analysis

Essay Writing



Logical Thinking

2. Vocabulary (18 months, 1 hour/week)

  • An SAT vocabulary assessment
  • Effective strategies to tackle unfamiliar words such as analyzing prefixes, suffixes and root words.
  • 75 vocabulary lists, including more than 1500 commonly used words on the SAT.

3. Intensive Course (6 weeks, 32 hours)

  • A 3-hour diagnostic assessment
  • An individual learning plan tailored to the weaknesses of the student
  • Overview of key subjects and test-taking techniques
  • Two full-length practice tests