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Precision Math


This programme provides rigorous training to students who wish to compute mechanical problems with accuracy and speed.

  • Computerized learning, practice and application to mathematical problems
  • Utilize advanced technology to determine how long students take to finish each question and how many they are doing correctly – all in real time
  • Instant feedback after each question is done
  • Practise over 100+ questions per session
  • Administered in a small classroom setting, with a class size of six students


Our Mathematics Programme is divided into 6 stages, suitable for students from kindergarten to lower secondary grades. Apart from direct mechanical problems, students will practise word problems and various reverse thinking skills.


There is an Entrance Assessment that will evaluate students on their practical mathematical skills. This assessment will aid in the assignment of students into the most suitable stages of our programme.

Course Components

Students move on to the next stage only when they are fully equipped with the prerequisite mathematical skills.

Students are expected to complete all six stages within four years and starting as early as K-3.


Fees / 4 sessions*

Stage 1

Addition and Subtraction


Stage 2

Multiplication and Division


Stage 3

Order of Operations


Stage 4

Perimeter and Area; Fraction


Stage 5



Stage 6

Solving Equation


30 minutes per session