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Course Outline

Each stage of our Kindergarten Phonics Course is 3 months long, which has approximately 9 hours of learning component. Students move on to the next stage only when they are fully equipped with the prerequisite phonics and rhyming skills.

Phonics Contents and Techniques

Stage 1 - 2

Fundamental Consonants and Short Vowels

·         Approximately 30 basic everyday phonics sounds:

-          Consonants;

-          Basic Short Vowels

·         Fundamental knowledge of blending and rhyming

·         Includes at least 100 vocabulary items for practice


Stage 3 – 4

Consonant Blends


  • Approximately 40 of the most frequently used consonant blends in English

-          initial consonant blends

-          final consonant blends

  • More than 10 major rhyming families most frequently seen in age-appropriate storybooks

Stage 5 - 7

Advanced Short Vowels, Digraphs and Long Vowels

  • Approximately 30 short and long vowels
  • Skills to distinguish between short and long vowels
  • Advanced level of dictation and blending practice
  • Includes at least 15 rhyming families sorted from most elementary-level storybooks

Stage 8

Common Mistakes and Exceptional Rules of Phonics

  • Phonics rules other than basic phonics sounds, e.g.:

-          soft ‘c’ & hard ‘c’

-          soft ‘g’ & hard ‘g’

  • Incorporate oral reading as practical exercise
  • Comprehensive reviews of stage 1 to 7
  • Effective and thorough end-of-course assessment