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Features of EOK’s Kindergarten Math Programme

Our goal is to help kindergarten students build a solid foundation of addition and subtraction, procure a sense for numbers, develop strong problem solving skills and relate mathematical ideas to situations drawn from everyday contexts.
  • Utilize a variety of concrete, visual and computerized learning tools and activities to investigate mathematical ideas to solve problems
  • Apply problem-solving strategies as students pose and solve problems and conduct investigations
  • Administered in a small classroom setting, with a class size of five students



Our Kindergarten Mathematics Programme is divided into 8 stages suitable for children from ages 4 to 6. We train students on their comprehension abilities through both sight and sound recognition. Aside from arithmetic calculations, students are exposed to a variety of mathematical concepts and ideas including geometry, measurement, money, time, pattern recognition and much more.



There is an Entrance Assessment that will evaluate students on their mathematical knowledge and number sense. This assessment will aid in the assignment of students into the most suitable stages of our program. 

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