GCE (AS/A2) for University Entry


A secure path to UK Universities...

Students who have finished their IGCSE exam have to go through a lot of considerations:
1) Which subjects should they take for their AS/A2 level?
2) What do they need to fulfill the English language requirement?
3) How do they arrange a feasible learning schedule for the exam preparation?
4) and more...

Some students may be confused about which paper components they need for a particular subject while some may overlook the requirement for the English language proficiency. Understanding all these concerns, we help students to identify their needs and thus advise them the smoothest path that leads them to their first-choice university. Students not only aim for getting straight A's in GCE, but also make sure that they are walking on the right path towards their ultimate goals. Please contact us to arrange a consultation session for more information about the exam subjects and learning schedule.


A non-JUPAS route for HKDSE students...

Many HKDSE students have recently been considering taking GCE exam and applying for the university through the non-JUPAS path. In response to their needs, EOK offers a bridging course that trains students on GCE in parallel with HKDSE. Different topics of these two curricula are mapped out and focused in the course to facilitate the learning process. Students do not have to spend a double or even a triple of their time in preparing for these two exams.

As the learning plan is crucial to students' university entry, we provide a consultation with students and their parents such that we could design a tailor-made learning plan upon their long-term goals and learning abilities. Detailed information about how to apply through the non-JUPAS path can also be provided during the consultation. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.