IB Writing

The goal of our IB writing class is to develop students’ critical thinking and language skills through a variety of theme-based lessons. These topics enhance their knowledge about the world around them, while at the same time stimulate students to examine and analyze issues with a critical eye.

The class allows students to enhance and apply their writing skills on large-scale projects to help students gather relevant information, organize loose and unsorted ideas and convert incoherent thoughts into a well-structured paper.

IB Writing Course Levels

At the beginning levels, students will be engaged in exploring everyday topics and examining their implications with a creative mind. As training goes by, learning focus will be emphasized on training independent thinking and the ability to critically discuss a variety of local and global social issues.
G5 Picture Stimulus/ Imaginative Story Writing
  • Observing details carefully and creatively
  • Inferring the purpose and explaining the reasoning of the Illustrator

G6 Personal Response/ Opinion

  • Confronting injustices and inequities in the past and present
  • Taking stances and evaluating consequences

G7 Analysis/ Discussion

  • Critiquing issues from different perspectives
  • Reasoning with valid and convincing evidence
  • Delving the implications of issues

G8 Comparative Study

  • Discussing similarities and differences
  • Uncovering a synthesis of central ideas from multiple reading texts


There is an Entrance Writing Assessment for each level, assessing students on the corresponding language skills. Students are expected to possess the necessary vocabulary and grammar background for enrolling into our courses.

*Students who wish to learn grammar, vocabulary and basic writing skills can sign up our respective English courses.