IB Writing Course Levels

At the beginning levels, students will be engaged in exploring everyday topics and examining their implications with a creative mind. As training goes by, learning focus will be emphasized on training independent thinking and the ability to critically discuss a variety of local and global social issues.


G5 Picture Stimulus/ Imaginative Story Writing

  • Observing details carefully and creatively
  • Inferring the purpose and explaining the reasoning of the Illustrator

G6 Personal Response/ Opinion

  • Confronting injustices and inequities in the past and present
  • Taking stances and evaluating consequences

G7 Analysis/ Discussion

  • Critiquing issues from different perspectives
  • Reasoning with valid and convincing evidence
  • Delving the implications of issues

G8 Comparative Study

  • Discussing similarities and differences
  • Uncovering a synthesis of central ideas from multiple reading texts