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The Youngest IGCSE Team Members

It is a new phenomenon that the age of the students taking IGCSE exam is getting younger and younger. And it appears that the children are enjoying the experience more and more.

Vincy Wong, a G10 student from Excel London College, is the leading gifted student of the team who is going to sit for 10 subjects in May 2013. She has opted for taking school leave and attended the intensive gifted program at EOK. Having joined the program for half a year, Vincy is now well-prepared for the challenge.

Jason Wu
a G6 from Kennedy School, will attempt his first three IGCSE exams in May 2014. One of the biggest challenges to Jason is to tackle the subject of English as a First Langauge which demands higher-order thinking skills and rich knowledge in language analysis. Undaunted by the difficulties ahead, Jason e
njoys the learning process and the satisfaction of moving each step towards success.

Aimee Lam
, a G4 from the ISF Academy, is the newest and the youngest member of the team. Embarking on her IGCSE journey, Aimee is planning to sit for her first IGCSE exam in one-year time with outstanding results


(Jason Wu, Aimee Lam, Vincy Wong)
Seeing their senior classmates leaping from the IGCSE to the GCE team, they look forward to experiencing the moment of their own achievement in the next few years.