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The Youngest GCE Team Members

We are happy to introduce our
Youngest GCE Team Members!

Having attained outstanding achievements in IGCSE exams through the Gifted Program at EOK, a group of young elite students have embarked on their GCE study path and joined our GCE Team.

Nikita Ma (F2 from Diocesan Girls' School) and Sharen Lee (G9 from Renaissance College) sat for their first AS exams in January 2013 and they are working diligently for the A2 level in the coming May. Hong-ye Tan (G5 from Clearwater Bay School) is the newest and the youngest member of the team and he is going to sit for his first AS exam in the coming May as well.

As part of the big team, these students feel proud of studying along with their older teammates from Hong Kong and UK. They see themselves as the models of the Gifted Program and look forward to seeing more of their counterparts joining their team


(Sharen Lee, Hong-ye Tan, Nikita Ma)
Notwithstanding the challenges lie along their path, they enjoy the learning process and the satisfaction gained. This year May will be another brilliant moment in their lives and we are looking forward to witnessing this moment when their efforts spent in EOK pay off.