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Diaries Open to the Public

Diaries Open to the Public

Florence Cheung (Maryknoll Convent School, F.2)

There are 175,000 new blogs created each day. People are keen on bloggings. However, is it good or bad? In my opinion, blogging is exerting a positive effect on teenagers. Teenagers can keep in touch with their friends and relieve stress through writing blogs.

By bloggings, teenagers can keep in touch with their friends. They can know what their friend is doing when they visit their friends' blogs. Furthermore, some people may feel embarrassed to tell their feelings verbally, but they can express it more freely through writing. So, the communication between teenagers and their friends will be better. In other words, bloggings act an interactive platform for the teenager.

Stress is relieved when the teenagers express their views and thoughts in their blogs. According to the passage “The age of blogs”, a 15-year-old girl called Sammi Lai thought bloggings could help her relieve stress. She said that her weight got lifted when she wrote down her thoughts and feelings in her blog. Also, the encouraging things that the readers sent to her made her feel better. Sammi Lai is just one of the cases. Other people who got bullied or had a bad result can also write blogs to relieve their stress. Therefore, bloggings are a good way to relieve stress by writing down your feelings.

Some parents concerned about the troubles that writing blogs brought. Some parents are afraid that their children will be criticized by the harsh comments that the readers left. This may hurt their children and may pull down their self esteem. To avoid this, parents should teach their children that they have to be careful when they type things in their blogs as their blogs are open to public. This may help to decrease the chance of being criticized. They should also learn that they are responsible for what they have expressed. In conclusion, parents should teach their children the right concept before they start writing blogs.

As a result, bloggings help teenagers communicate with their friends and lessen their pressure. So, writing blogs give teenagers a positive effect. If you are the parents, teach your children to be aware of what they want to express before they start bloggings.