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Beyond The Taste

Beyond The Taste

Written by Nikita Ma (P5, DGJS)

What are chopsticks? Chopsticks are more than just a pair of wooden sticks. They are the treasure of our Chinese civilization. We have been using them for more than two thousand years; a tradition passed along from generation to generation.

When barbarians used their hands to eat their food, we used our chopsticks to enjoy our food. Using chopsticks is an elegant way of extending our own hands and fingers. Over the years, we have changed the dialects we speak, the characters we write and the styles we dress, but we have never changed the way we use chopsticks.

Chopsticks are part of our culture and heritage. When we see chopsticks on the table, we acknowledge that we are eating Chinese food. Nowadays, we can always find pairs of chopsticks in almost every part of the world. Next time, when you eat with chopsticks, try to taste beyond the physical boundaries of the food. Take your time to reach out for the experience of an inspiring journey - a journey started by our ancestors, continued by us, and to be followed by generations to come.

"The essence of this essay is the uses of parallel structures - building up different clauses that start and end the same way, creating a satisfying rhythm in the language for the readers to enjoy, absorb and understand."

Having won the champion award in 2009, Nikita continued to learn and progress beyond her peers. The early training she received proved to be a pre-requisite for her success  in the public examinations.

In 2012, at the age of 11, she attained the top grade
A*  in IGCSE Math and English language exam and is now preparing for the GCE exams that normally target for pre-university A-level students.

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