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A Special Playdate

A Special Playdate

Andrea Tang (ISF, G3)

On the third floor of Clover Court, 7-9 Disney Road, there lived a girl called Andrea and her family. Andrea always looked forward to seeing Ivan. They were best friends at school, and finally there came a chance. On the day before Valentine’s Day, Andrea invited Ivan to her house to have a lovely and funny playdate. Andrea felt very excited and full of joy because Ivan was coming. It was the first time she invited Ivan to her place.

Ivan is a kind-hearted boy. He always helps his parents wash dishes and set the table for dinner. He feels happy when he can help others. He always wants to cheer up his friends and gives them little surprises. He is a very sweet boy. He has a round and chubby face, with a pair of blue round glasses. His hair is short for a girl, but quite long for a boy. He wears a different T-shirt with his favorite jeans every day.

Andrea has long brown hair. She also has a round and chubby face like Ivan’s. She is a skinny person. She likes to wear a different watch every day. She always wears her tracksuits with rubber shoes. Andrea often does things slowly and is a bit lazy, but after she met Ivan, she changed. She becomes gentler, more polite and more playful. She loves reading books and watching movies. She becomes a better girl because of Ivan. Therefore, Andrea feels lucky for meeting this friend and always hangs out with him.

On Valentine’s Day, Andrea and Ivan were thinking about giving a surprise for their friends and family. They finally agreed to make some Valentine’s cupcakes, so they started working. They did not know the recipe, so they went to find it in a cookbook. At last, they found it and bought all the ingredients they needed and started baking.

At last, they started baking their valentine cupcakes in the kitchen. The kitchen was huge. There were lots of buttons on the oven. Andrea and Ivan were very excited because they used the oven for the first time.

“First, you put sugar and flour in a bowl,” said Andrea as she was reading from her grandma’s cookbook, “next, you mix them together.” Ivan was trying to follow Andrea’s instruction. He was very hardworking and doing a good job. “Finally, you spread the dough into separate cups and put the cups in the oven,” said Andrea.

After fifteen minutes, the cupcakes were done.

“The cupcakes are too sweet. There is too much cream in it,” Mum said. Unfortunately, the cupcakes were really too sweet for Mum and grandma to eat. So, Andrea and Ivan decided to try one more time.

On their second attempt, Andrea and Ivan put a few pieces of lemon in the baking powder. They thought it would taste good for the cupcakes. They put them in the oven and waited for another fifteen minutes.

“The cupcakes are like lumps of lemon pudding. I do not like it!” exclaimed grandma. The cupcakes were really too lumpy for Mum and grandma to eat.

Dad went home. He saw Andrea and Ivan were so hardworking, so he decided to buy some valentine cupcakes for everyone. After ten minutes, he came back from the cupcake shop. He was carrying a bag full of vanilla cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, and for the special, there are chocolate chips cookies.

Dad said excitedly, “Look! I bought some lovely cupcakes and cookies. Let’s eat!”

When everyone saw the cupcakes and cookies, they all rushed towards the food. “Delicious!” Mum and grandma said sweetly as they were savoring the cupcakes.

Andrea and Ivan said, “Yummmmmmm!”

After they finished all the yummy cupcakes, Andrea sent Ivan back home. They had a lovely playdate and they lived happily ever after.