EOK On-The-Go

EOK is constantly thinking of ways to help our students learn faster and more efficiently, so we bring to you our latest technology - EOK On-The-Go.

EOK On-The-Go is specially designed for all kindergarten, primary or secondary school students studying at EOK.


  1. A mobile learning device to review what is learnt every week
  2. Records of students' weekly progress to help evaluate learning effectiveness
  3. Personalized learning experience to cater each students's strengths and weaknesses
  4. Various types of stimulating exercises to consolidate each targeted skill and concept
  5. Instant one-page notes for quick revision
  6. With over 7,000 different interactive exercises, every student will have their own truly personalized study plan and exercises targeted to their unique strengths and weaknesses. Every student is different and so should be their revision exercises.

How it works

  1. Simply bring along your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad every lesson and have your learning programmes updated.
  2. Exclusive for our active students without charge.
  3. Currently not available at App Store for the general public.

Check out our app below:

English Screen Shots

Math Screen Shots