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Through our systematic and interactive way of teaching phonics, students at different levels can easily absorb the key elements of phonics, which will noticeably enhance their oral reading and spelling performance.

  • Teach phonics sounds and rules as well as rhyming skills
  • Emphasize students’ cognition between word-spelling and pronunciation through repetitive exercises
  • Significantly increase vocabulary capacity by continuous rhyming practices
  • Markedly enhance students’ English pronunciation accuracy
  • Use of computer programmes to provide useful spelling and oral reading practice
  • Provide effective feedback and evaluation through regular assessments between stages
  • Dramatically reduce students’ revision time on school dictations
  • Noticeably improve and correct students’ pronunciation of English
  • Administered in a small classroom setting, with a maximum teacher ratio of 1:5

We offer two separate curriculums tailored to students in primary and secondary grades:

1. Our primary curriculum is suitable for students from junior primary to upper primary grades. There are three levels which are made to fit students with different levels of phonics knowledge.

2. Our secondary curriculum targets secondary students who hope to master phonics skills in a short period of time. Students will learn advanced phonics skills through various practical exercises.

There is an Entrance Phonics Assessment for each course, testing students on the corresponding phonics sounds and skills.

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