Course Outline

Each reading course consists of approximately 20 hours of learning sessions and 20 hours of practice sessions. Students move on to the next course only when they are fully equipped with the prerequisite skills.


(Gr. 1) Factual Conceptualization

  • Identify facts in story context
  • Sequence the order of events

(Gr. 2) Cause-and-Effect Perception 

  • Identify causes and effects in story context
  • Predict the outcomes that are not given in the passage      

(Gr. 3) Gist Development

  • Identify the topic sentence in each paragraph
  • Present the main idea in one’s own words
  • Recognize the supporting points for each main idea

(Gr. 4) Summarization

  • Comprehend the main ideas of different types of passage (e.g., historical passages, scientific reports, journals and biographies, etc.)
  • Summarize the passage by paraphrasing

(Gr. 5) Facts vs. Opinions

  • Differentiate between facts and opinions
  • Give one’s own viewpoint towards or against the author’s argument

(Gr. 6) Inference and Generalization

  • Interpret ideas not stated explicitly in texts
  • Draw conclusion based on the given information