Congratulations to all of the A/A* students at EOK

We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding results at their IGCSE examinations this year:

 1. Nikita Ma     G6, Discesan Girls' Junior School
2. Nicholas Chan    
  G7, ISF Academy
3. Adrian Lee  
  G8, ISF Academy
4. Jesse Chan 
  G10, Victoria Shanghai Academy
5. Nick Hong  G10, Singapore International School
6. Cissy Chan      G11, Victoria Shanghai Academy
7. Daphne Cheng  G11, Victoria Shanghai Academy

It is with great pleasure and pride to see that EOK has successfully motivated, trained and mentored some  gifted students who are as young as 11 years old to attain the top grade on an internationally- recognized secondary examination. This is a very impressive achievement which not only reflects the hard work and dedication each student paid to the exam last year, but also represents the success of the EOK training program our teacher tailor made for the students.